Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2 thru 8 (ooops!)

So, there will be a post tonight and another tomorrow.... 
I was sitting and going thru updates online and went to 
see what would be new for tomorrow compared to what 
I had posted last week and realized that..... 
There was NO LAST WEEK!  <Gasp!>

I think I had a small lapse in my brain power last week 
with everything going on.  The end of school, 
M’s graduation from Middle School, 
the rush in field trips 
and parties and sleep-overs 
and, and, and……  <SPLAT!>

Sorry, fell right on my face there for a bit…. 

So, with no further to-do, I will quick post with a bit 
of what was on for last week and tomorrow 
(I promise!) I will post the new info.

Besides the weekly deals, I want to share an upcoming 
local event that I will be participating in.  
A vendor fair at Mountain Bay Coffee & Gifts.

Come browse a bit and have a wonderful beverage 
(they have both the caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties).  
Hope to see you there!

Happy Stamping!

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